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Year 2

Year 2 Summer 2 Curriculum Overview

Spring 1: MTP Street detectives

Autumn 2 MTP: Beat, Bang, Boogie

Below is a short video about the Year 2 SATs. If you have any questions, please see Mrs Brown.

2017 Key Stage 1 tests

This 6-minute video provides information for parents about the Key Stage 1 tests, including the optional Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test. A downloadable version is available for schools: A separate video is available for schools not using the GPS test:

Great effort from Y2 during their Pe lesson today, focusing on jumping.

Year 2 explored the Super Square of Stanford and thought about being artists.

Exploring and investigating shapes.

We had a fantastic 'Let's get creative' day.  We looked at paintings by Vincent van Gogh.
Year 2 enjoyed investigating properties of materials today.  We investigated whether materials would, bend, stretch, squash and twist.

Science investigation 12.01.17

Check out the video below providing you with all you need to know about the 2017 KS1 SATs

Still image for this video

Stanford-le-Hope in the past - can you see any differences?

Year 2 have been working really hard since they returned to school last week.  We have been finding out lots about Stanford-le-Hope through our topic Street detectives.  We have used Google street view and Google maps to look closely at our town.  We have also looked at how houses have changed over time in History.

Topic letter - Street detectives

Happy New Year

Week beg:21.11.16

This week in Science we investigated materials that would make good curtains for a child's bedroom.  We tested them using a torch to see how much light they let through.  In D & T this week we made elastic band guitars - it was great fun!

Week beg: 14.11.16


This week in Science we have been investigating materials.  We tested to see if the materials were waterproof and if they could be torn.

Science - testing materials

Week beginning 07.11.16

This week we looked around our school grounds identifying different materials.  In D & T we tried to make our balloon drums, but we had some difficulties because the containers we not strong enough.

Week beginning - 31.10.16

This week we were exploring materials in Science.  We looked at what objects around our class were made from and sorted them. 

In D & T we designed our own balloon drum.


WC- 10.10.16

This week we have been using our map skills to locate hidden treasure around the school.
In Maths this week we have been recognising coins and adding them up to create totals. 


We enjoyed making Chromatography butterflies. and balloon racers in class 6.


In class 5, we looked at how the Earth orbits the sun and created our own models. We also investigated non-newtonian fluids and discussed what makes an object a solid or a liquid.



Mad science day

Week beg: 03.10.16

This week Year 2 have been editing photographs in Computing.  

Learning about Grace Darling in History - Do you know why she is famous?

In Geography we found out about the RNLI.



Acting out the story of Grace Darling

Week beg: 26.09.16

This week we have:

Organised our photos in our Computing lesson.

Learnt about adaptation in Science - we looked at why a polar bear does not live in the rainforest!

Made a pirate fact file in History.

Made a treasure map with a key in Geography.



Treasure maps

Week beg: 19.09.16

This week in Maths we have been using place value and partitioning to help us add.


In P.S.H.E. we looked at the food pyramid and discussed healthy eating and different food groups.


In Science this week we read the Gruffalo story and learnt about food chains using ideas and information from the story.


Wk beg: 12.09.16

This week in year 2:

  • We learnt about Place value in maths.  We can tell you how many tens and ones are in a two digit number.
  • We learnt about Captain James Cook in History.  Did you know he discovered Australia!
  • In Geography we labelled a map of the world and made a key.
  • In Computing we enjoyed taking our own photographs using the IPads.  What do you think makes a good photograph?



Welcome to Year 2.

We hope that you have had a lovely summer holiday.  We are looking forward to working with you all this year. 


Mrs Platt and Mrs Brown.