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What is the transition like from nursery to reception?

Staff work closely together throughout the year in the Foundation Stage, which includes both nursery and reception. The classrooms are next door to each other and particularly during the summer term we are able to open the doors to allow the children the time to explore and play in the new environment. This is very popular with the children, as they get to meet the staff, and see what is on offer in an informal context. This unique opportunity allows the children to alleviate many of the fears they may have about starting full time school.

Because of the close working of the staff, we are able to share important information about your child, their likes and dislikes and the profiles started in nursery about your child’s progress follow through with them and are continued throughout the reception year. Staff will have a very sound knowledge of the children before they start which assists in an easier transition for your child.

Nursery staff are also able to visit the children when they have started which is nice if the children need some reassurance.