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What if my child has special educational needs?

We are a very inclusive school and follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. If your child has diagnosed difficulties or needs it would be good for you to meet with the school SENCO as well as your child’s key person to discuss these so that we can ensure that your child’s needs are being met.

As part of the Code of Practice, it is the duty of the school to have arrangements in place to identify and support children with SEN or disabilities. We would meet with you if we had any concerns, likewise if you also have concerns about your child we would be happy to discuss these with you and how best to move things forward for your child.

Within the nursery there is an ‘Assessment Base’ funded by the Local Authority to support up to 6 children with SEN. The process for admission into this Base is slightly different to nursery and you would need to meet with the school SENCO to discuss this process if you felt your child met the criteria to be awarded one of these spaces.