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What are we doing?

What a half term we've had!


The year 2 children in both classes have worked incredible hard during this half term.


We have:

Researched, tested, created and evaluated bridges

Learnt about direction and learnt more about reading maps

Wrote some wonderful stories involving a tunnel

Created our own experiments and learnt by them

WC 22.05.17

Week beginning 01.05.17


After a busy start to the Summer term, we are really starting to enjoy our new topic; Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


This week we had to create the tallest and most stable tower thinking about using supports for the structure. 




Next week:

Topic- We are going to be learning about animals which burrow and create their own tunnels. Can you think of any.

English- We will be reading 'The Tunnel' by Anothny Browne, using clues in the pictures and identifying similarities with other books. 

Maths- Revising all for operations and applying these to worded problems and reasoning questions. 



Update 23.3.17- What an amazing week it has been! (What type of sentence is that?)


In Maths-

We have been continuing learning how to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks, creating our own timetables. As a consequence, we know now when we are late out to lunch!


In English-

We have been looking at what makes an interesting beginning, middle and end of a story. We have been influenced by Harry the Poisonous Centipede.


In Topic-

In the afternoons, we have been developing and forming our own animations of different mini-beast life cycles. We've created out own script and props. 


Words of the week- consequence, form and influence.

Can you use these in your own sentences?

Can you add suffixes to any of these words?

Can you add prefixes to any of these words?


Update: Thursday 9th March


Spring is coming!!


Words of the week- 'admire' , 'fortunate' and 'forbidden'


Can you use these words in your own sentences?

Can you add any suffixes or prefixes to these words?



In lessons

This week we've been learning how bees make honey and finding out some interesting facts in reading lessons. 


We discovered that ancient Egyptians were buried with honey in their tombs. The honey they were buried with is still edible today as it was stored carefully. 


We looked at the parts of a flower which the bees go to.


We then tasted the honey and made oat bites to try. 


Other bits:

We have been loving the warmer weather to go on the field for our daily mile.



Over the next few weeks we are reading a book by Lynne Reid Banks called Harry the Poisonous Centipede. We're really enjoying imaging life as a minibeast. There are lots of other books if you would like to read them at home.