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Summer 1

Topic - Paws, claws and whiskers 6 week overview

Year 1 have enjoyed lots of art activities throughout this topic.  Class 3 particularly like painting.

Week beg: 15.05.17

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Marsh farm.  We enjoyed feeding the pigs, walking goats, stroking ferrets, touching rats and grooming a pony.  We also had a bumpy tractor ride.

Marsh farm

We made farm animals masks.

Week beginning 02.05.17

This week Year 1 enjoyed doubling and halving in maths.  In science we looked at and compared fish.  In art we painted animal patterns.

Week beginning 24.04.17

This week Year one have been looking at lots of different animals.  In Science we have been learning about animal body structures and labelling different body parts.  In Art we have been looking at the patterns on animals bodies and trying to recreate animal patterns.

This week Year one enjoyed starting their new topic.  We looked at how to look after pets.  We also practised out drawing skills and looked at art work by Franz Marc.  In science we were learning about different animal groups.