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Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy 1 We used shells, stones and driftwood.
Andy Goldsworthy 2 We made beach art.
Andy Goldsworthy 3
Andy Goldsworthy 4
Andy Goldsworthy 5
Andy Goldsworthy 6


Patterns 1 We made repeating patterns using shells.

Come Away From the Water Shirley

Come Away From the Water Shirley 1 We read a story about a pirate adventure.
Come Away From the Water Shirley 2 We wrote letters to put in bottles.

Sealife Centre Southend

Sealife Centre Southend 1 We saw some amazing fish at the Sealife Centre.
Sealife Centre Southend 2
Sealife Centre Southend 3 And a crocodile.
Sealife Centre Southend 4
Sealife Centre Southend 5

Our Class Goldfish

Our Class Goldfish 1 We have two new pets to look after.


Fish 1 We had a tray of fish and shellfish to look at.
Fish 2
Fish 3


Pizza's!  1 We read the story of "Pip's Pizza"
Pizza's!  2 We made our own pizza's.
Pizza's!  3 We chose the toppings.

The Train Ride

The Train Ride 1 We went on a train ride. We played "I Spy"
The Train Ride 2 We talked about where we wanted to go.

We wrote stories about "The Naughty Bus" and "The Naughty Police Car"

We made vehicles using fruit and vegetables.

We made vehicles using fruit and vegetables. 1

Fruit and Vegetable vehicles

Fruit and Vegetable vehicles 1 A banana "boat"
Fruit and Vegetable vehicles 2 A cucumber "car"

Our train track and road

Our train track and road 1

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Cars in Reception

Cars in Reception 1 We drew pictures and wrote about the cars.
Cars in Reception 2 One of the cars was very old.
Picture 1 We sorted vehicles.
Picture 2 Some were fast, some were slow.