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Summer 1 topic- Do dragons exist? Pleases take a look at what we are learning about this term.

Easter egg hunt fun!

We made chocolate eggs!

Spring walk!

Our visit from Chloe. The children got to see Chloe do some amazing tricks and each got to pet her. Thank you so much for coming to see us!

Spring 2 topic letter- Can I have a dog?

Spring 2 topic- Can I have a dog?

Snowy town! The children were invited to use a selection of materials to create a home for the winter animals. They used, flour, shaving foam, coloured water, ice, glitter and snow animals.

We made bird feeders!

Winter box! We dressed ourselves up in fleecy boots, scarfs, gloves and woolly hats and talked about keeping warm in the winter weather.

Winter walk! On our walk we found lots of birds nests, pine cones and berries.

Fun in our hairdressers!

The children used bricks to measure sticks and counted how many they needed.

The children learnt the names of fresh vegetables whilst making potato heads.

Our Autumn walk!

We made chocolate sparklers!

Autumn 2 topic- 'Why do leave go crispy?' cornerstones planning

Having fun at the adventure playground! The children are learning to balance and climb independently.

We made apple crumble. The children helped to weigh the ingredients. They also helped to slice the apple. They used their hands to mix the ingredients together.

We made listening ears. Then we went a listening walk to see what we could hear around us. We heard; cars, birds, crunchy leaves, the wind and lorries. Using the sticks we made snapping noises and scraping noises along the fence.

Autumn 1 topic- Why do you love me so much?