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Look at our new sensory room! It's AMAZING! All the children have had big smiles and lots of giggles when playing in here. Thank you to the Lottery fund for our lovely new room and all the staff who helped to make it special for the children of our school.

Thank you Mr Parker for bringing in instruments for us to play. We had great fun!

MAD SCIENCE DAY! Wow what a busy, mad and crazy day we had. We made jelly and saw how it changes. WIth Mrs James we made banana ice cream by freezing bananas and blending them with milk. The children helped to make a volcano erupt in our sand using water, baking powder, red food colouring and vinegar. In the garden we made potions, blew bubbles and used syringes and pipettes to squirt 'chemicals'. The children tried really hard to get toys out of ice.

Look at our brilliant beach! We have been making some wonderful sand castles, burying our feet and making sand moulds.

We have a lovely new writing area in our garden which the children have been busy using. WIth lots of new resources and space.

Nursery children have been looking after their flower garden this term.

Fishy fun! Nursery children looked at some seafood and described what it looked, felt and smelt like.

The nursery children have been planting vegetable seeds. They planted, broad beans, rhubarb, rocket and tomatoes. We would like to say a BIG thank you to Mr Grimstead for coming in and doing this lovely planting with the children. We are very grateful for him donating the seeds and seed trays too.

We worked as a team! Working together the nursery children created some amazing buildings. They used teamwork, talking voice, shared ideas, listened to each other and worked well with each other.

Nursery have tadpoles! We have been looking at them and seeing them grow.

We went on a walk around Stanford-le-hope. During the walk we looked at all the different buildings. Whilst on the walk we saw shops, houses, flats, doctors clinic and a church. We thought about what they are made of and how they are different. We finished the walk at St Margaret's church. Inside we saw lots of big windows and tall doors. On the outside we listened to the big, loud clock and felt the rough old brick work. Thank you to all the parents who came along to help!

We've been making the most of the sunshine!

Look at our fantastic buildings!

Nursery are thinking about 'How does that building stay up?' They have been busy creating the three little pigs house's. They used sticks, straw and bricks.

We made some lovely Easter bonnets! Our parents stayed to play and make bonnets with us. Thank you to parents that stayed!

Summer 1 'How does that building stay up?' planning

 As part of our new topic we will be going for a trip out. We will be walking to the local church. 


For this trip to go ahead we will need some adult support. We are planning to go on 24th April 2018 at 9 o’clock. Please let us know if you are able to help. It will be very much appreciated. 

Summer 1 topic letter- 'How does that building stay up?'

Egg investigation! We explored different states of eggs. We looked at them when they were raw and cooked. We used our senses to describe the eggs.

Nursery have just been awarded with Portage stamp of approval! AMAZING!

Flower fun! The nursery children have been learning and exploring about plants and flowers. We looked at the roots, stems, leaves and petals.

We have been doing some chocolate melting and making chocolate eggs. They were yummy!

World book day! Nursery had some beautiful costumes. They were great!

Fun in the snow!

We have been getting green in nursery. Nursery children have been planting seeds and seeing them grow and change. They have been looking after them very well.

Our spring walk!

We made some yummy melted snowman biscuits. Lots of different ingredients were used, icing, biscuits, sweets and marshmallows. A super sugary treat! Yum yum!

Our topic for Spring 2 - 'Are eggs alive?'

'Are eggs alive?' Topic letter

Nursery had a go at building igloos for snow animals using sugar cubes.

Nursery children made bird feeders! They used birds seeds and lard to make them. We listened to the 'North wind doth blow' poem. We looked at different birds and learnt a few things about them.

Nursery having been looking at famous artists snowy landscapes. They even had a go themselves to paint their own snowy landscapes.

The nursery children have been getting messy! They made a snow town for the winter animals to live in. They used lots of different messy materials, such as food colouring, ice, shaving foam, flour, bubble bath and glitter.

It snowed at Nursery!

Spring 1 topic- Where does snow go?

Spring 1 topic letter- 'Where does snow go?'

Autumn art! We used pipettes and food colouring to create lovely Autumn art.

We have been looking at leaves. We explored the different colours, shapes, textures and smell. Whilst doing this activity we described the leaves and how and why they change. Afterwards we make marks to represent the leaves and what we learnt about them.

After our Autumn walk we made BEAUTIFUL art using the natural objects we found on the walk. The children chose the natural objects they wanted to use and took the photo themselves!

We made 'Mr Potato heads'. We used lots of different vegetables. They were potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, beans, cucumber and courgettes. We used our fine motor skills to put the cocktail sticks into the potatoes.

Our Autumn walk!

This week we have been making cakes! Our parents came into Nursery and looked at our lovely Nursery books. We played with our mums and dads too. Some of the parents even had a cake! We learnt about weighing the ingredients, mixing, pouring, spooning, melting and used our fine motor skills to decorate with sprinkles.

Autumn 2 - Why doe leaves go crispy?

Autumn 2- Why do leaves go crispy? topic letter

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the very kind donations! The children have really enjoyed the new toys. We've been learning to take turns of driving the lovely big red truck.Thank you!

Marvellous me! We experimented with our bodies to see what they could do. We can; poke our tongues out, point, hop, jump, pat our heads and frown.

We played the drums on our listening walk.

Still image for this video

We went a listening walk! We heard lots of different noises and sounds.

Autumn 1 Topic- 'Why do we love you so much?'