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Key worker letter


Dear Parent/Carers,


Following the announcement of the key worker groups today we would like to update you on the latest Government advice to schools relating to the emergency offer for childcare at Stanford-le-Hope Primary School.


If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. That is why the government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.


It is important to underline that schools remain safe places for children but the fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society. Schools are, therefore, being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable and children whose parent/carers are critical to the Covid-19 response, (see the link below for the categories) and cannot be safely cared for at home.


If you think you fall within one of the key worker categories identified in  the above guidance you should confirm with your employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, your specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service and you will NOT be able to work from home. We will require evidence, as soon as possible, from your employer stating that you are in key worker category and you are required to work and we will then offer you with an emergency childcare place in our school.


Our school is working to fully support in this national emergency, we must however, also look after our own staff during this difficult time. We may have to insist that all people entering the school building will have to have a non invasive temperature test taken. If the children’s temperature is elevated above the normal range they will not be able to attend and you will be advised to self-isolate them.


Further updates will be provided as required in this ever changing situation.


Thank you for your ongoing support




Miss L Glandfield