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How will the teaching be adapted for my child with learning needs?

When your child is identified as having SEN, we use a graduated approach based on four steps. These are assess, plan, do, review.


Your child’s class teacher is responsible for the work that is done with your child, they work closely with Learning Support Assistants and any specialist adults involved with your child.

The school offers many different forms of additional provision. This can include: additional in-class support; additional out-of-class support; one-to-one support; flexible groupings (including small group work); access to specific resources; mentoring; and access to a wide range of outside agencies. The most important point is that additional provision depends on the needs of the child.


For many children, targets will be connected to learning and will often be specifically to do with literacy and numeracy. For other children, they may be to do with social interaction, communicating with children and adults, emotional difficulties, overcoming physical issues (for example difficulties with fine motor control) … the list is endless!

Teachers are advised by the SENCo about how to adapt the learning to ensure that all pupils have access to the curriculum. We use the advice sent in by professionals to support this. Work is differentiated according to needs and requirements.