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FRENCH resources and educational weblinks

When using these links:

Y3 to focus on topics learnt (reinforce knowledge): 

  • greetings (hello, name, how are you, age) 
  • classroom objects including numbers and colours 
  • body parts 
  • weather

Y4 to focus on topics learnt (reinforce knowledge)

  • family 
  • like and dislike(like, love, dislike, hate) including food 
  • animals 
  • about them (hair colour, eye colour, personality, nationality)

Y5 to focus on topics learnt (reinforce knowledge): 

  • at school including subjects likes/dislikes and telling the time 
  • places in town such as library, park, post office etc including directions (turn left etc.) 
  • hobbies including days of the week 
  • jobs/professions including key words associated to them

Y6 to focus on topics learnt (reinforce knowledge): 

  • solar system – describing the planets 
  • daily routines such as eating breakfast, going to school, going to bed etc. 
  • places(rooms) in our school 
  • now and Then (past and present) there is/ there was
French activities/projects
  • Paint a French flag + attached to a sick to make up a flag
  • The seasons in French – illustrate (divide paper in 4 squares add pictures and seasons in French + key words in French)
  • Try some French food – research and then ask your grown up to get some when shopping
  • Build the Eifel tower using sticks, lego or cards
  • Produce a display about France – population, food, capital, regions, hobbies etc. (key facts)
  • Learn a French song such as the popular one “un grand cerf” + actions
  • Video a Puppet show – puppets greeting each other (make puppets using old socks)