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Cognition and Learning


The following websites are useful resources on dyslexia:




Additional websites and resources

They have a huge range of fun phonics games for all levels in the Early Years and KS1.

There are a number of free games available on this website.

A great website from the makers of the Biff and Chip books. There are some simple maths games and access to a huge range of ORT books. Very useful.

This website has a lot of maths games covering many different areas of the subject

from simple addition and subtraction through to reflection and rotational symmetry

and many activities suitable for your older child.

Advice and activities on how to help your child with maths at home. Some lovely activities which mean the children might not even realise they are practising their maths skills!

This is an American site with some fantastic maths games and activities grouped into topics. This is a wonderful site to help with difficulties in specific areas of mathematical understanding.

This is a wonderful primary school website which has games and information on a range of subjects.

This is a fantastic website with some simple literacy activities. The games will need your support to set up and talk through.

This website has links to games and activities from EYFS right through to the end of key stage two. There are some really simple literacy and numeracy games.

A collection of resources to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Komodo maths offer some valuable KS1 and KS2 online mathematics resources.

All-age working memory boosters