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Autumn Term



This week, the children were learning about how ear size affects how well we can hear. They looked at animals with ears of all shapes and sizes and investigated which were the best to hear with! Here are some photos of the children experimenting with different materials to improve their hearing....

What will we be learning next week?


In English:

We will be retelling our own version of the story 'Rosie's walk' and using different sentences openers, adjectives and conjunctions in our writing.


In maths:

We will be focussing on solving word problems using bar models to help us.


In topic:

We will be revisiting the habitats we found at the start of the term to identify changes in the plants and animals living there, learn more about the RNLI and make a web page for their Southend branch, learn a sea shanty, write about what we are most proud of in year 2 so far and make a collage about the season of autumn using autumnal objects we find around the school!

Experimenting how to make tall, strong lighthouses!

What a week!


This week we have had our reading, GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling), maths and science half-termly assessments! We started to learn how to solve worded maths problems and used our detective goggles to find the 'addition' or 'subtraction' clues in the questions...

In our foundation lessons we have been learning about how to keep safe in the water. We learned about the hazards and risks at beaches and who could come and save us if we need help, such as lifeguards and the RNLI. On Friday we learned more about the purpose of lighthouses and what key features they must have. Then we experimented with paper to make our own lighthouses so that next week we will use what we found out to improve them!

09.10.17 - What will we be learning this week?


English: We will have a reading assessment, GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) activities and then a GPS assessment. We will learn more about plurals (adding -s, -es, -ies) and the different word classes - nouns (naming - something we can touch), verbs (doing words), adjectives (describing what) and adverbs (describing how).


Maths: We will have a maths assessment, revisit and practise prior learning and solve word problems using bar models.


Topic: Grace Darling memorabilia and how we can be brave and helpful like her in our lives, programming Beebots, Science revision and assessment, the RNLI and how to stay safe at the beach and designing and making our own lighthouses.

Writing up our notes into full sentences for our animal reports!

29.09.17 - What have we been learning?


This is week we have:

English: Made notes about different woodland animal facts (foxes, badgers and bats) and written them up into reports.

Maths: Added 1- and 2-digit numbers together using number lines and also by partitioning into tens and ones first.

Topic: Organised photos into albums on iPads and then deleted, learned about Christopher Columbus and made fact files about his life, made food chains from the Gruffalo characters and other animals, learned about how our brains learn (and learned how to count to ten in French!) and investigated floating and sinking by making different shaped boats out of different paper...


Next week we will

English: Write non-fiction reports about different seasons.

Maths: Start to understand 'bar modelling' to help us with addition, subtraction and word problems

Topic: Use Beebots, develop our growth mindsets, design our own lighthouses, discover Grace Darling and explore how animals adapt to different habitats.


On Thursday 5th we have a 'Census Day' focussing on the co-operative values. Lessons will involve different activities that encourage teamwork and solidarity.

22.09.17- What we've been learning

Fantastic effort from these 2 girls - cartwheel on the bench

Still image for this video

This is week we have:

English: Retell an alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk

Maths: Write fact families for groups of numbers

Topic: Learn about growth mindsets, learn about Captain James Cook and the day-to-day life of pirates, and explore which plants and animals live in different habitats throughout the year.


Next week we will

English: Write reports about animals

Maths: Add numbers on number lines and by partitioning

Topic: Develop our growth mindsets, learn about sea explorer Christopher Columbus, make food chains from the Gruffalo and investigate floating and sinking!