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Autumn 1

Week beginning 15.10.18

This week we had our harvest festival and the year 2 children read beautifully in church - well done!


In maths this week we have been beginning to add and subtract using the column method. We used place value discs first then began recording in our books.


24 + 23 = 47


     20 + 4

  + 20 + 3


     40 + 7 = 47

Week beginning 08.10.18


This week we worked hard on our assessments in English and Maths. We had a growth mindset and all tried our best.

In science this week we have been testing materials to see which is most bouncy.  We tested 4 different balls to see which bounced the highest.  We did a fair test and recorded our results.

Week beginning 01.10.18

We enjoyed testing which material would make the best curtains in science.

We had a great team building day. We played team games, made a team poster and a team boat. We used our team building skills; so we co-operated, shared and listened to each other.

Week beginning 24.09.18

This week in science we planned our own experiment trying to answer the question- which material is most hard wearing?  We had fun investigating this using stones and different materials.



In English we enjoyed planning then writing our own version of ‘The three little pigs’.

In Maths we have been practicing our counting in 3s. We have also been learning about related facts.


 So if 4 + 5 = 9


40 + 50 = 90

Week beginning 17.09.18


This week we had a great day dressed as pirates. We designed our own pirate flags, found out our pirate names and learnt to talk like a pirate.

In science we have been learning about materials. We were thinking about why materials are used for different objects.
Week beginning 10.09.18
We have been learning about people from the past who went to sea.  This week we found out about Captain James Cook and Blackbeard.

Captain James Cook and Blackbeard

In Science we have been learning about materials.  We have identified what objects are made from and why they are made from that material.
In English we have been learning actions to help us retell the story of 'The three Little pigs'.