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Meet the Staff

Miss L. Glandfield Head of School

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher 1 Miss E. Coakley

Year 6 teachers

Year 6 teachers 1 Mr Parker
Year 6 teachers 2 Miss Huntington

Year 5 teachers

Year 5 teachers 1 Mrs Armour

Year 4 teachers

Year 4 teachers 1 Ms Leader (Assistant Headteacher)

Year 3 teachers

Year 3 teachers 1 Mrs Brown

Year 2 teachers

Year 2 teachers 1 Mrs Platt

Year 1 teachers

Year 1 teachers 1 Miss Bibby

Reception teachers

Reception teachers 1 Mrs Ellul
Reception teachers 2 Ms Thomas

Nursery team

Nursery team 1 Mrs Dawson
Nursery team 2 Mrs James
Nursery team 3 Miss Wilkins
Nursery team 4 Mrs Bryce

Sports team

Sports team 1 Miss Grafton
Sports team 2 Mrs Surry (French Teacher)

Cover supervisor

Cover supervisor 1 Mrs Nancolas

Pastoral support team

Pastoral support team 1 Pastoral Support Officer - Mrs Peak
Pastoral support team 2 Pastoral Support Assistant - Miss Smith

Learning Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants 1 Mrs Lee
Learning Support Assistants 2 Mrs Mace
Learning Support Assistants 3 Miss Philp
Learning Support Assistants 4 Mrs Shorey
Learning Support Assistants 5 Mrs Taylor
Learning Support Assistants 6 Mrs Wilson
Learning Support Assistants 7 Mrs Jones

VI team

VI team 1 QTVI Teacher - Mrs Felton
VI team 2 Miss Deakin
VI team 3 Ms Gilbert
VI team 4 Mrs Howes
VI team 5 Miss Clarke
VI team 6 Mrs Keenan
VI team 7 Mrs Straney
VI team 8 Mrs Ablett